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Living Cross Cultrualy

The purpose of this blog is to help new expats to have a long rich experience as they enter life in Perú and to assist long term expats to not  disconnect by becoming critical and negative of the Peruvian life and culture.   Another purpose of this blog is for bilingual Peruvians who live or work in an international setting to appreciate other cultures while not rejecting their own cultural distinctive. 

November 21, 2018

Living cross culturally can be one of the richest life experiences you will ever have, or it may very well be the most frustrating and defeating experiences of your life. Learning to live in another culture can bring many emotions such as fear, suspicion, frustration, confusion, tension, and even embarrassment. Your experience will depend  on how great the cultural differences are and the choices you make when confronted with...

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Hosanna ICC is presently in a home church setting
located @ Malecón de la Marina in Miraflores Perú

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